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IFL returns, honoring the traditions originally founded by Chairman Kiowa and his search to find the best of the best.

Who among you will find a spot in the Chairman's Garden?

"Victory is reserved for those who are willing to pay its price." - Sun Tzu
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Breaking It Down: 2017 Award Winners
Harris D'Artainian - February 2nd, 2018 - 04:03pm

Real RhyDin walks away with the championship this year, beating last season’s winner Team Fist by a narrow 3 point margin while Deathcake’s Canaan Devillier ran the RRD gauntlet to earn himself the Kiowa Belt! Ten voters made their voices heard this year and the ballots have been counted, so now it’s time to take a look at our 2017 award winners by breaking it down!


Regular Season MVP


#6 Claire Gallows (Dirty) [3 points: One 2nd Place Vote, One Third Place Vote]

Team Dirty’s Captain holds down sixth place in this year’s voting, undoubtedly fueled by her 4-1 record and week one shutout. Unfortunately in any season with undefeated fighters having a loss on your record can be difficult for the voters to overlook.

#5 Salvador Delahada (Deathcake) [4 points: Four 3rd Place Votes]

For the second year in a row Sal’s in contention for MVP and finishes fifth place this time around after having fought all six weeks for his team in 2017. One voter for Sal commented, “Ranked number one for strength of schedule, which is important” which can’t be argued against considering the talent Sal had to wade through each week.

#4 Jewell Ravenlock (Real RhyDin) [6 points: Two 2nd Place Votes, Two 3rd Place Votes]

With an undefeated record and 3rd place finish on the leaderboard, Jewell comes in at fourth, undoubtedly hampered by the fact she only dueled three times this season while everyone else fought four or more bouts. A voter for Jewell stated, “By securing wins in lower bouts in the weeks she fought, Jewell contributed to Hope’s winning strategy”. It takes a group effort to win and Jewell played her part, even if it involved fighting in less prestigious matches and fewer bouts.

#3 KC (Chae Dynasty) [13 points: Three 1st Place Votes, One 2nd Place Vote, Two 3rd Place Votes]

Yet another ROTY contender up for MVP like last season, KC takes third on the back of an impressive year with an Iron Fist PSO, the most Iron Fist wins, and tied for the most overall wins. However the loss on KC’s record ruined what likely would’ve been a perfect MVP season, as evidenced by the first and second place finishers in this race who happened to be undefeated. One voter offered commentary for why they chose KC for first place stating, “KC’s 5 wins were much more valuable to Chae Dynasty and contributed significantly to their success in getting them to the playoffs, which can’t be said for half of the other contenders this year.” It’s difficult to argue that they wouldn’t have made it as far as they did without KC leading the charge each week.

#2 Jin Chae (Chae Dynasty) [16 points: One 1st Place Vote, Six 2nd Place Votes, One Third Place Vote]

JC held two advantages over her sibling in that she had an undefeated 4-0 record and a higher PDPB of 5.75. Those two elements combined garnered her the most individual votes in this year’s running, however she still managed to fall short by a mere two points. JC’s third place voter felt “JC was a strong leader for her team this year with an impressive record despite a weaker strength of schedule”. It can easily be said that KC & JC were both heavily responsible for Chae Dynasty’s run to the playoffs, but Jin’s superior PDPB and no losses were enough to put her ahead of KC and within striking distance of Tex.

#1 Tex Wellington (Warrior Force) [18 points: Six 1st Place Votes]

Six votes out of ten and all 1st place was enough for Tex to edge out JC by the slimmest margin in MVP history to date. This marks the fourth consecutive year that the #1 fighter on the leaderboard was also voted MVP, as Tex finished with a 5-0 record and 6.60 PDPB, including a perfect shut out. For most voters there was no question, as evidenced by a comment stating, “5-0, what more is there to say? An epic PSO plus four other solid wins, it’s hard to argue against that”. The voters have spoken! Congratulations to Tex, your 2017 Iron Fists League Regular Season Most Valuable Player!


Rookie Of The Year


#2 Tahlia Faras (Real RhyDin) [3 Votes]

Tahlia’s role on Real RhyDin was significant to that squad, as she notched two noteworthy Iron Fist wins against Darik Warchild and KC. However at the end of the day a 2-1 record just wasn’t enough to convince a majority of the voters she deserved Rookie of the Year.

#1 KC (Chae Dynasty) [7 Votes]

“Three wins more than the next closest contender. Who cares if his sole loss is to Tahlia, he still took on twice the fights and came out ahead for it”. In reality, this effectively sums up KC’s victory here, fighting twice as many bouts as Tahlia, winning three more, and having a superior PDPB. While the competition for MVP was fierce this year IFL wasn’t nearly as saturated with rookie talent as the previous season, putting any rookie with a good year at a huge advantage. Congratulations to KC, your 2017 Iron Fists League Rookie Of The Year!


Captain Of The Year


Matthew Algiers Simon (Team Fist)

A one season break was not kind to Team Fist’s roster as they lost over half their team, including Powerhouse Fang Hoi Mei & Heavyweight Lena Choi who did not compete in 2017, as well as veteran Middleweights Kheldar Drasinia & Gren Blockman, who jumped ship to join eventual winners Real RhyDin. Matt only managed to replace half of his dropouts by inviting Middleweight Blondie Eastwood and Flyweight Dean Reighland to join the squad, reaching the minimum requirement of 5 duelists to compete. Despite this roster, reduced not only in numbers but in talent as well, Team Fist managed to garner the most bout wins, least bout losses, most points for, and least points against. Matt’s team also scored 30+ points on three separate occasions this season, tying Chae Dynasty for the largest margin of victory by sweeping Dirty 34-12. To boot, all five brawlers in Matt’s group finished with positive records and positive PDPBs, a feat no other team in any of the previous seasons has achieved. Congratulations to Matt, your 2017 Iron Fists League Captain Of The Year!


Playoff MVP


Hope Naharis (Real RhyDin)

Prior to the 2017 season Hope held a less than stellar postseason record of 0-4. But as is the case with most championship runs she made great strides to turn the tables this year. In the first of two Push match performances in the playoffs Hope defeated Anubis Karos 5-3 in what turned out to be a complete rout of Great Of Strength, defeating them in the semi-finals by a score of 34-12. The finals against 2015 champions Team Fist managed to be a much more competitive endeavor and after the dust settled Real RhyDin walked away with a narrow 23-20 victory. With TMF taking both the tiebreaking Iron Fist bout as well as the Crutch and RRD winning the Push & Anchor it boiled down to not simply who won, but how much they won by. Hope’s decisive 5-1 victory over Blondie Eastwood, one of TMF’s best brawlers this season, in the Push match turned out to be exactly what they needed to seal the deal. Congratulations to Hope, your 2017 Iron Fists Playoff MVP!

IFL 2017 Finals Previews
Jack Smith - January 15th, 2018 - 05:46pm

Greetings all you duel enthusiasts! We’ve reached the finals of this year’s season of IFL, so your ol’ pal Jack Smith is back to write some carefully crafted previews for your viewing pleasure. Actually, I wrote them on a paper towel in the Men’s Room of the Outback, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers here. Anyhoo, the top two seeds made it to the end, Real RhyDin and Team Fist, so we’re gonna take a look at the last duels of the 2017 season!

Iron Fist: Eden Parker (MI) vs. Matthew Algiers Simon (PO)
Eden’s stats: 3-2, 1.00 PDPB
Matt’s stats: 3-1, 3.00 PDPB

Eden showed a lot of pluck and tenacity in her first year of IFL, winning more duels than she lost, including a playoff win against Renley. Matt, however, is following up on his 2015 season with another strong year. Beating the almost unbeatable Jin Chae last week is impressive as well. I’ll have to give Matt the edge in this one.

Push: Hope Naharis (PO) vs. Blondie Eastwood (HV)
Hope’s stats: 3-1, 2.50 PDPB
Blondie’s stats: 4-1, 3.00 PDPB

Hope had another big year, even though she suffered her first regular season loss since 2014. And that person she lost to is fighting her here in the Push, Blondie Eastwood. Blondie came close to an MVP season before Kenny Chae ended those dreams. But Blondie rebounded nicely with a playoff win against Duci. I’d go with Blondie here.

Crutch: Gren Blockman (MI) vs. Darik Warchild (PO)
Gren’s stats: 2-1, -1.00 PDPB
Darik’s stats: 3-2, 1.60 PDPB

The good news for Gren is he had the first winning season of his IFL career since he was with the Badside Brawlers back in 2013. The bad news is he’ll have to face former Kiowa Belt winner Darik Warchild, whose regular season record is now up to 19-8. Considering Gren is the only dueler in the finals with a negative PDPB, I’m guessing Darik will win.

Anchor: Jewell Ravenlock (PO) vs. Koyliak VanDuran-Simon (HV)
Jewell’s stats: 3-0, 6.00 PDPB
Koyliak’s stats: 3-2, 1.00 PDPB

Finally, we end with the Anchor. Jewell is an MVP candidate, compiling a perfect 3-0 regular season record, including a win against her opponent, Koyliak. Koy had a decent year, going 3-2, and speaking of Gren’s record, this was her first winning season since 2007. All things considered, I’d pick Jewell to come out on top here.

OVERALL: Picking three of four duels for Team Fist, it looks like they have the clear advantage in this matchup. I had mentioned in my Rankings that everyone on Team Fist has a winning record as well. Still, Real RhyDin did wind up with the best regular season record, and they swept Great of Strength in the playoffs. So which one of these powerhouses will take home the Championship? You’ll have to keep your eyes glued to the rings to find out! Thanks to everyone for a great IFL season and here’s looking forward to IFL 2018!


2017 IFL Finals
Ayperi Durrishahwar - January 18th, 2018 - 08:41pm

In this week’s highly anticipated Finals between a rookie squad (with a host of veteran duelers) Real Rhydin (1st seed) and Team Fist (2nd seed), we’re looking at a rematch of Week 5 where Real Rhydin celebrated a 27-16 victory over Team Fist. In that match, RRD won the Iron Fist (Tahlia vs. Darik, 5-3), Crutch (Eden vs. Matt, 5-3) and Anchor bouts (Jewel vs. Koy, 5-1) while TMF took the Push to narrowly avert the sweep (Hope vs. Blondie, 2-5).

In the Finals, we have several repeat matchups which ought to make for interesting and exciting fights! Without further ado, let’s look at the bout-by-bout breakdowns!


Jewell Ravenlock (PO) vs. Koyliak Van-Duran Simon (HV)

2017 Season Record: Jewell: 3-0; 6.00 PDPB / Koy: 3-2; 1.00 PDPB

Rank: Edge to Jewell who enters the match as a PowerHouse. Koy spent most of the season as a MiddleWeight before promoting to HeavyWeight late in the year.

Experience Factor: Koy. Lady Simon has 43 career bouts under her fashionable belt (32 regular, 4 playoff, 7 tournament) but Jewell’s still a veteran with 23 of her own (19 regular, 2 playoff, 2 tournament). Koy’s playoff record is 2-2, with a perfect shutout loss in the 2007 season and Jewell’s (1-1) with both bouts in the 2014 season. While Koy has a slight edge here, it’s not by much.

Intimidation Factor: Draw. Both duelers have middling IFL careers with negative PDPBs to their names (Jewell: 10-9, -0.05 PDPB / Koy: 14-18, -0.72 PDPB). Ten of Jewell’s career bouts have come in the Anchor where she’s 7-3 lifetime. Koy’s fought in the low bout nine times prior, with a 4-5 overall record. While Jewell certainly has season momentum om her side, neither fighter strongly outclasses the other.

Historical Factor: Edge to Jewell. These two have squared off once before in their careers, specifically Week 5 this season where, also in the Anchor bout, Jewell trounced Koy 5-1 in 8 rounds by mixing in timely defense with a flurry of kicks and narrowly missed out on a shutout victory.

Overall: A gut-check might say that Koy has the edge, but the data says Jewell’s favoured in this bout. Koy has won her last two bouts in a row but Jewell’s undefeated on the season and part of a team who hasn’t tasted anything but victory in the past seven weeks.

Final Score Prediction: 5-2 Jewell


Gren Blockman (MI) vs. Darik Warchild (PO)

2017 Season Record: Gren: 2-1; -1.00 PDPB / Darik: 3-2; 1.60 PDPB

Rank: The edge goes to Darik (PowerHouse) over Gren (MiddleWeight).

Experience Factor: Darik Warchild. Darik has 41 career bouts to his name (27 regular, 6 playoff, 8 tournament) while Gren has fewer than half that at 18 (15 regular, 2 playoff, 1 tournament). Darik’s fought in the playoffs six times (3-3) while Gren’s only post-season action came back in 2013 (1-1). Gren’s fought in the Crutch slot three times (1-2), including in Week 1 of this season where he lost 0-5 to Salvaldor Delahada. Darik has 11 Crutch bouts to his name (8-3). Although he’s only fought in this slot twice after the 2014 season, he’s won his last 6 Crutch bouts in a row.

Intimidation Factor: Darik Warchild. A former Kiowa Belt winner and with multiple championship trophies, Darik is 19-8 in his regular season career with a 2.19 PDPB. Ha has multiple 4-bout win streaks and two career-long 8-bout win streaks sandwiched between a PowerHouse Party loss in the 2015 season to his current team captain. Gren’s lone playoff bout ended with a Crutch loss to Tarl Cabot of Team Fist in 2013. Too, every one of Gren’s career wins have been 1-point victories (five 5-4, one 6-5) except for his 5-3 Anchor win over Juliane Smith in Week 4 of the 2013 season. As a final note, Gren has never won two bouts in a row in his entire career and at one point, had a 5-bout losing streak (Week Three 2014-Week Six 2015). Gren’s last bout? A 5-4 Push win over Dizzy Flores in Week 7.

Historical Factor: N/A. These two have never fought before. Both were on Team Fist during the 2014 and 2015 seasons and both had stints with the Badside Brawlers, though with no overlap.

Overall: Darik Warchild. Darik has more experience and a far superior overall career. To win this one, Gren needs to overcome history by netting his first ever win-streak while hoping that Darik, who’s not in the same fighting form he was when winning the Kiowa Belt, doesn’t have enough left in the tank after dueling in 7 of 8 possible weeks this season.

Final Score Prediction: 5-3 Darik


Hope (PO) vs. Blondie Eastwood (HV)

2017 Season Record: Hope: 3-1; 2.50 PDPB / Blondie: 4-1 3.00 PDPB

Rank: Hope, with a one-rank edge over Blondie.

Experience Factor: Draw. Blondie’s fought in the playoffs seven times (4-3) with a total of 26 career bouts (18 regular, 7 playoff, 1 tournament). Hope, who entered the league the same year as Blondie (2013), has fought in the post-season five times (1-4) with 29 career bouts (13 regular, 5 playoff, 6 tournament). Historical note: Blondie fought in the Push bout in the 2015 Finals as part of Dirty: Black against his former and now current squad, Team Fist, where he lost 3-5 to Darik Warchild.

Intimidation Factor: Very slight edge to Hope. Blondie was one of the favorites for MVP this season before he and his 4-0 record ran into Kenny Chae in Week 7 and suffered a shutout loss in the Iron Fist bout. Still, he has a 12-6 regular season record and a 2.06 PDPB while Hope is 14-4 in the regular season with a 3.33 PDPB. Hope’s had a 7-bout win streak (5-bouts outside of the PowerHouse Party tournament) while Blondie’s never won more than 4 in a row.

Historical Factor: Blondie. These two have only met once before, in Week 5 of this season, where Blonde defeated Hope 5-2 in the Push bout.

Overall: Draw. These two fighters entered the league in the same year and have had very similar successful careers, despite changing teams multiple times. Though Blondie defeated Hope earlier in the season, this pairing has the potential to be the match-decider. Make sure not to miss it!

Final Score Prediction: As with last year’s Push bout, I’m forced to hedge my bets. My gut tells me Hope takes this with a 5-3 score but I won’t be shocked if Blondie flips the script. If he does, it’ll be by a narrower margin, 5-4.

Iron Fist

Eden Parker (MI) vs. Matthew Algiers Simon (PO)

2017 Season Record: Eden: 3-2; 1.00 PDPB / Matt: 3-1; 3.00 PDPB

Rank: Matt Simon (PowerHouse) over Eden (MiddleWeight).

Experience Factor: Matt Simon. Matt’s tied with his wife, Koyliak VanDuran-Simon, for most duels in league history at 43 (28 regular, 7 playoff, 8 tournament). This is Eden’s rookie season but she’s already fought 6 times (5 regular, 1 playoff).

Intimidation Factor: Matt Simon. Eden lost twice this season, mostly fighting in the Crutch but she did win her only Iron Fist bout 5-4 over Terry King in Week 7. (As a historical note, Terry King fought Matt Simon last year’s finals, in this very bout). She’s also sporting a career-high 2-bout win streak. Matt Simon’s regular season record is an unimpressive 12-16, -0.29 PDPB. In his career, especially in the heyday of his “Captain Futility” moniker, he’s lost 6 bouts in a row to go along with another 4-bout loss streak. His career-long win-streak is 5 bouts (8 if you include the 2015 PowerHouse Party where he lost in the finals to Jin Chae). However, Matt’s 5-2 in the playoffs, last losing to Kalamere, 4-5 in the 2013 season. Although he’s only fought in the Iron Fist bout six prior times in his career, he’s undefeated in the bout (6-0 overall, 3 wins in regular season, 3 wins in playoffs, including a 5-0 perfect shutout vs. Maria Graziano in the 2007 Quarterfinals). In addition, he broke the hearts of two lady-duelers this season and likely ruined the MVP chances for one of them – Claire Gallows and Jin Chae – both of whom were riding 4-bout win streaks before losing to the TMF captain (Claire, 4-5 loss Week 6 in the Push and JC, 4-5 loss in last week’s playoff match).

Historical Factor: Eden. These two fought in Week 5 where Eden beat Matt 5-3 in the Crutch, and did so in 5 rounds.

Overall: Matt Simon. Matt surprised me last year when he came away with the Iron Fist victory over Terry King in the Finals and led his team to an IFL championship. That being said, I don’t think he has it in him two years running. Though he ought to win this bout on paper, as they say, today’s paper lines tomorrow’s rubbish baskets.

Final Score Prediction: I’m calling the upset here. Eden beat Matt once before and she’ll do it again by the same score (5-3) or better.

Captain’s Lineup Decisions

Hope, and the entire Real Rhydin team, had to be salivating when the lineup was released. Three of the four pairings are repeats of Week 5’s matchup, where Real Rhydin defeated Team Fist 3-1. Hope had more flexibility in her lineup (7 fighters on her roster compared to just 5 on TMF). Though the chances of her fielding Kate Turner (2017: 0-3, -5.33 PDPB; Lifetime: 1-6, -3.86 PDPB) were slim to none, the two others on the bench this week could easily have fought. It would have been highly interesting to see Kheldar Drasinia (2-1, 3.00 PDPB), who won a championship with Team Fist last season, square off against his former team. Tahlia Faris (2-1, 3.33 PDPB) – who’s fought in the Iron Fist bout 3 times in this, her rookie season and come away with 3 wins including in last week’s playoff match – would also have been a solid choice. If Real Rhydin somehow loses the Finals, it might come down to these two being on the bench while Gren Blockman took an active roster spot.

On the other side, Matt Simon likely wasn’t too pleased with how the lineup sorted out. He may have been hoping (no pun intended) that Hope didn’t expect him in the Iron Fist two weeks in a row. Matt’s use of Darik and Blondie was a no-brainer, though one of them should have been in the Iron Fist. The last spot was a tossup between Koy and Dean. Both had 3-2 records and only a .80 PDPB difference. Koy got the nod this week, perhaps because Dean fought last week. If Koy can’t improve her earlier-season performance against Jewell and if Matt does best Eden, the Anchor bout could be where Team Fist loses the overall match.


These teams are pretty evenly matched coming into the Finals, but Real Rhydin has a ton of momentum and in fact, their only loss on the season was a single-point 22-23 match loss to Deathcake back in Week 1. A solid mix of rookies and veterans has Real Rhydin fans believing in a first-season championship while Team Fist Nation hopes and prays that the dueling gods favour them, however unlikely, one more time. No matter what happens, we have 4 prime-time bouts remaining in the season (starting tonight!) and I’m excited to see how they play out! See you in the Garden!

Predicted Match Score: 29-16 RRD

Breaking It Down: 2017 MVP & Rookie Of The Year Nominees
Harris D'Artainian - December 26th, 2017 - 07:37pm

A smaller field of brawlers this season means a more condensed pack of competitors for Most Valuable Player & Rookie Of The Year, to be voted on by the captains, assistant captains & myself! As always those eligible for MVP are the fighters who finish in the top 15% of the league, therefore earning the Powerhouse ranking for next season. I’ll also be awarding Captain Of The Year and Playoff MVP once the dust settles, all of which will be announced and awarded at the Powerhouse Party Tournament on January 25th! All caught up? Great! Time to break it down!

Note: Strength of Schedule points are determined by the following algorithm: (MVP Candidate’s Opponents’ Combined, Rounded Winning Percentage against other fighters) + (2* Number of MVP Candidate’s Iron Fist/Push Matches) + (Number of MVP Candidate’s Crutch/Anchor Matches)

Regular Season MVP Watch

This season there are a half dozen candidates for MVP, and 2017 marks the first year that any of those eligible are from teams not bound for the playoffs. As always they’re listed in order of PDPB from top to bottom, with additional insights and opinions on their performance. Records and strength of schedule only take into consideration the regular season.

Tex Wellington (5-0, 6.60 PDPB, 1 Iron Fist win, 1 Push win, 2 Crutch wins, 1 Anchor win)
[Strength of Schedule Ranking: <4th> 63 points – Opponents this season have gone a combined 10-8 against other fighters.]

Not only was Tex the only duelist on Warrior Force to end the season with a positive record he was responsible for half of their 10 total bout wins. He was also versatile enough to win a match in of each type. His highlight performance was in week 3 against Vincent Smith where he scored a rare, perfect five round shutout.

Pros: Tex finished with the highest PDPB this season, was one of only three undefeated fighters, and has a perfect shutout to his name, which only one of his MVP competitors can claim. He’s also tied for the most overall wins this year and joins previous Rookie of the Year winner Skid as one of the only duelists to double rank, having started at Trainee and eventually earned Middleweight.

Cons: In an unusual first, Tex is one of three candidates not on teams going to the playoffs. While his record is unmatched, at the end of the day his contributions merely kept his team from finishing in 6th place rather than last place, meaning his victories are inherently less valuable than those MVP contenders that did play a crucial role in their team getting a playoff berth.

Jewell Ravenlock (3-0, 6.00 PDPB, 1 Push Win, 1 Crutch Win, 1 Anchor Win)
[Strength of Schedule Ranking: <3rd> 64 points – Opponents this season have gone a combined 6-4 against other fighters.]

Jewell was the best fighter on the league’s best team, managing to finish a mere .60 PDPB behind Tex to garner the #2 spot on the leaderboard thanks to a flawless season.

Pros: She played pivotal part in Real RhyDin’s week 6 win over Great of Strength that ended 22-22 and every week that she was in her team notched a victory. In addition she’s one of only three undefeated fighters this year.

Cons: She only fought the league minimum three duels, while every other MVP candidate participated in anywhere from 4 to 6 bouts. She’s also the sole fighter on this list without an Iron Fist victory and one of only two MVP hopefuls without a shutout this year.

Jin Chae (4-0, 5.75 PDPB, 1 Iron Fist Win, 2 Push Wins, 1 Crutch Win)
[Strength of Schedule Ranking: <6th> 28 points – Opponents this season have gone a combined 3-11 against other fighters.]

Last year’s Kiowa Belt winner didn’t disappoint and along with KC was one half of Chae Dynasty’s potent one-two punch, helping to propel the first year team into a third place finish and playoff spot.

Pros: JC is the last MVP contender on this list with a perfect record, affording her a higher PDPB than her Chae Dynasty counterpart, KC, and putting her at the top of her team.

Cons: Her strength of schedule is abysmal, having won more matches individually than her opponents won collectively. Alongside Jewell she’s the only other candidate without a shutout this year.

Claire Gallows (4-1, 5.40 PDPB, 1 Iron Fist Win, 2 Push Wins, 1 Crutch Win, 1 Iron Fist Loss)
[Strength of Schedule Ranking: <5th> 53 points – Opponents this season have gone a combined 7-9 against other fighters.]

Pros: She notched the only Iron Fist win for her team the entire season and was the only fighter on Dirty to end the season with a positive record. She also scored a week one shutout against Morgan Chae.

Cons: Unfortunately for Claire her team finished at the bottom of the standings, leaving this year’s voters in an awkward position as her performance seemingly had no positive influence on her team. With her they finished last, without her they still would have finished last.

KC (5-1, 5.17 PDPB, 3 Iron Fist Wins, 1 Push Win, 1 Crutch Win, 1 Iron Fist Loss)
[Strength of Schedule Ranking: <2nd> 71 points – Opponents this season have gone a combined 12-8 against other fighters.]

For the second season in a row another rookie captain on a rookie team finds themselves not only in the Rookie of the Year hunt but eligible for MVP consideration as well. KC leads Chae Dynasty into the postseason along with JC who combined for a 9-1 record this year, proving to be an exceptional tandem.

Pros: KC boasts a strong strength of schedule as well as the most Iron Fist wins this season and stands tied with Sal and Tex for most overall wins. KC’s perfect shutout was the only shutout this year in an Iron Fist bout, defeating Blondie Eastwood (then 4-0 with a 7.00 PDPB) soundly enough to eliminate him from MVP consideration entirely.

Cons: The loss to Tahlia Faras in week two is the sole blemish on a near flawless season, which is why KC ends up tying Sal for 5th place on the leaderboard. In any season with undefeated fighters a loss looms even larger.

Salvador Delahada (5-1, 5.17 PDPB, 2 Iron Fist Wins, 1 Push Win, 2 Crutch Wins, 1 Push Loss)
[Strength of Schedule Ranking: <1st> 72 points – Opponents this season have gone a combined 13-8 against other fighters.]

While Deathcake may have fallen short this year, Sal continued his winning ways, repeating his performance from last season to end up in consideration for MVP for the second straight year in a row, the only fighter on this list with that honor.

Pros: His strength of schedule was the toughest, narrowly superior to KC’s. Much like KC as well Sal fought every week of the season and is tied for most wins at five, including a shutout over Gren Blockman to open the season back in week one.

Cons: Similar to both Tex and Claire, Sal’s efforts did not help his team garner a berth in the postseason, which unfortunately lessens the impact of his victories when compared to the three combatants up for MVP that are playoff bound.

Rookie Of The Year Watch

Slim pickings as far as top tier rookies this year, leaving the voters with just two obvious choices when it’s all said and done!

KC (5-1, 5.17 PDPB, 3 Iron Fist Wins, 1 Push Win, 1 Crutch Win, 1 Iron Fist Loss)
[Strength of Schedule Ranking: <2nd> 71 points – Opponents this season have gone a combined 12-8 against other fighters.]

Second verse, same as the first. Much like King last year, KC is a first year captain leading a new team and doing so from the front, outperforming everyone on his squad save his Kiowa Belt holding sibling, JC.

Pros: KC has the highest PDPB out of the few rookies in the league this year which has also given him an opportunity to take home MVP as well. With the most Iron Fist wins and being tied for most wins overall there isn’t much standing in KC’s way from taking home ROTY…

Cons: …except for one loss. To the only other duelist in contention for this award, Tahlia Faras.

Tahlia Faras (2-1, 3.33 PDPB, 2 Iron Fist Wins, 1 Anchor Loss)
[Strength of Schedule Ranking: <1st> 85 points – Opponents this season have gone a combined 8-2 against other fighters.]

Pros: A better strength of schedule. Though in reality Tahlia’s strongest asset in this race for ROTY is the fact that she’s the one responsible for KC’s only loss this season.

Cons: Tahlia only fought half as many matches this year as KC did and has 3 less wins, a considerable disparity.

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