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IFL returns, honoring the traditions originally founded by Chairman Kiowa and his search to find the best of the best.

Who among you will find a spot in the Chairman's Garden?

"Victory is reserved for those who are willing to pay its price." - Sun Tzu
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IFL 2017 Week Six Power Rankings
Jack Smith - December 13th, 2017 - 10:27am

Week Six is over and we’ve discovered who our playoff teams are going to be. Chae Dynasty, Real RhyDin, Team Fist, and Great of Strength have all secured bids to the postseason. Now it’s a matter of seeding. Will the Chaes get Number One? Or will Real or maybe Team Fist take top spot? But first let’s go over our Rankings for all the action in Week Six!

(The number that precedes the team name is their previous ranking)

1) (1) CHAE DYNASTY (4-1) Bye week for Chae Dynasty. They found out they have a family member they didn’t know about: Chae Guevara.

2) (2) REAL RHYDIN (4-1) Kheldar’s Iron Fist win meant Real RhyDin secured a tight victory against Great of Strength. Jewell also helped with a Push win over Renley. Real look tough, currently riding a four week win streak. Can they stay strong and get that number one seed? We’ll find out as they take on their last regular season opponent, Team Dirty.

3) (4) TEAM FIST (3-2) An emphatic sweep of Team Dirty helped land Team Fist in a playoff spot. Dean, Matt, Darik and Koy all got victories. Team Fist is the most well-rounded of all the playoff teams, no dueler has a losing record. It’s Blondie’s MVP trophy to lose at this point, and his Iron Fist match against Kenny and Chae Dynasty will decide if he claims it.

4) (3) GREAT OF STRENGTH (3-2) This time luck isn’t on Great of Strength’s side, as they lose a close one based upon Real RhyDin winning the Iron Fist. Anubis nabbed his first victory, while Xanth returned to winning form in the Anchor. They still squeezed into the playoffs, so now we’ll see what seed they can get when they face off against Warrior Force.

5) (5) DEATHCAKE (2-4) Deathcake is removed from the playoff hunt after a close defeat by Warrior Force. Sal picked up the win in the Iron Fist, but all their other matches were 5-4 losses. If it wasn’t for his Week Two loss against Blondie, we’d be mentioning Sal and MVP in the same breath. That’s it for their season as Week Seven is a bye.

6) (6) TEAM DIRTY (1-4) Dirty’s slim playoff hopes are dashed as they get swept by Team Fist. Cooper and Claire’s losses were close, but they couldn’t get a victory this week. Team Dirty just never seemed to get things clicking this year. Their final matchup will be against Real RhyDin.

7) (7) WARRIOR FORCE (1-4) Warrior Force played spoiler and defeated Deathcake for their first win of the season. Tex got his fourth win by defeating Canaan, while Shale gained his first by beating Aurora. Andu’s big win in the Crutch put them over the top. The Force will close out the season against Great of Strength, and Tex will try for MVP when he fights in the Iron Fist.

TEAMS ON THE RISE: Team Fist (3 from 4)

OVERALL: We’re finally at the last week of the season! Even though we know who all will be in the playoffs, there’s still seeding to be determined. Having the best regular season record would be a feather in the cap of whatever team manages to get it. So who will it be? We’ll see you next week for our final Power Rankings of IFL 2017!


Playoff Update- Week 6
Tony Depatie - December 7th, 2017 - 04:16pm

It’s been an up and down season so far, depending on who you root for. And with two weeks left in the season, most everybody still has some mathematical chance of making the playoffs. Some are pretty much assured of getting in, others need. So let’s take a look at this mess and find out how everyone’s doing!

Warrior Force- Oddly enough, I think I’ve found a scenario which results in them making the playoffs, but it’s such a long shot that the odds are 3,820-1. Here’s how it works. The Force wins their last two matches. Has to beat Deathcake at least 3 bouts to 1. Has to sweep Great of Strength, or win 3 bouts to 1 if they swept Deathcake. Dirty has to beat Team Fist in week 6 with each team winning two bouts. In Week 7, Chae Dynasty would also have to sweep Team Fist, as well as Real Rhydin beating Dirty 3 bouts to 1 or better. Then, and only then, would Warrior Force sneak in as a 4 seed.

Chae Dynasty- They’re in already. With 4 wins, the worst they could finish is 4th. So enjoy the bye week, and be prepared to jockey for position in week 7. A win would virtually seal the #1 seed for them and at least secure the #2 seed, but scenarios exist for them to drop to 4th if Team Fist beats Dirty in week 6 and the Chaes in week 7, Great of Strength wins both week 6 and week 7, and Real Rhydin beats Dirty in week 7. That would put those teams in a 4 way tie at 4-2, with total bouts won determining seeding. I’m not even going to try and calculate that mess out this week. Maybe next week once things get a little clearer.

Real Rhydin- They’re in if they beat Great of Strength or Dirty. Simple as that. Heck, they could lose both and probably still make the playoffs. But if they lose both, Dirty wins both, Team Fist beats Chae Dynasty, and Deathcake beats Warrior Force, that would leave 4 teams at 3-3 with two getting into the playoffs, and two going home. Then we’re into the tiebreakers. See what I have to say about that when I talked about Chae Dynsaty.

Great of Strength- Win in week 6 or 7, and they’re in. Lose both, and they better hope they don’t end up in a log jam, because a 6-10 bouts won record does not bode well for tiebreakers. There’s a multitude of scenarios which have them looking from the outside come playoff time.

Team Fist- Captain Futility somehow has his team sitting in 4th right now. Two wins, or a win over Dirty combined with a Deathcake loss to Warrior Force, would have them punching their playoff ticket. Lose both, and Deathcake wins, there’ll be no championship repeat for these guys. Lose both, Deathcake loses, and Dirty loses in week 7 to Real Rhydin? Then there’s still a small chance they could slip in as the 4 seed based on tiebreakers.

Dirty- Playoff hopes are on life support for the preseason #1. They not only need to win both weeks, but they’ll need some tiebreakers on top of that. They’ll need a few things from this list to happen- Chae Dynasty beating Team Fist in week 7, Great of Strength losing both weeks, and Warrior Force beating Deathcake would probably get them the #3 seed. Two of those three things happening will probably net them the #4 seed. But that’s all out the window if they don’t take care of business and win first.

Deathcake- Another team with its playoff hopes on life support. First, they need to beat Warrior Force in week 6. Second, hope Team Fist loses both weeks, and Real Rhydin beats Dirty in week 7. That would secure the #4 seed. If Great of Strength loses both weeks, that would also help their playoff odds. But if Great of Strength wins one, Real Rhydin wins one, and Team Fist wins both weeks, then it’s time to pack up and go home.

We’ll take a look at things before week 7 and hopefully the picture is clearer by then.

Week 7 Playoff Picture
Tony Depatie - December 13th, 2017 - 08:10am

Well, now that week 6 is out of the way, we no longer have to spend hours upon hours imagining the myriad of scenarios that were possible. Warrior Force, Dirty, and Deathcake have packed their bags and can only hope to spoil some seedings. Now that we know which teams are in the playoffs, let’s take a look at how the seedings might stack up.

Chae Dynasty- Sweep TMF? Get the #1 seed. Beat TMF, and RRD loses to DRT? That’ll get them the #1 seed as well. They’ll get at worst the #2 if they beat TMF, regardless of how RRD performs. Worst case scenario, they lose to TMF and RRD wins their last three against DRT, which would slip them down to the #3 seed.

Real Rhydin- Pretty much the opposite of what I said above. They want TMF to win against CHA, and to come back and beat Dirty. That’d get them the #1 seed. The odds of this are slightly diminished with them having lost their first bout of the week already. Cannot be the #4 seed thanks to their tiebreaker over GOS. Will be at worst the #2 seed with a win over DRT. Would be the #2 or #3 seed if they lose to DRT and TMF beats CHA, depending on bouts won.

Team Fist- These guys could end up in any of the 4 slots. If they lose, and GOS wins, it’ll be a #4 seed. If they lose, and GOS loses, they get a #3 seed. If they win, and RRD wins, they get the #2 seed. Win, and DRT beats RRD, hello #1 seed!

Great of Strength- Pretty much locked into the #4 seed. There’s no chance they get the #1 or #2 seeds. The only way they move to the #3 seed is if they beat Warrior Force and Team Fist loses to Chae Dynasty. Which come to think about it, is certainly within the realm of possibility.

IFL 2017 Week Five Power Rankings
Jack Smith - December 5th, 2017 - 10:41am

We had some big matchups this week with playoff spots on the line. Great of Strength still has that “just win, baby” attitude. Real RhyDin and Chae Dynasty continue to dominate. Who will get that last playoff spot? Team Fist? Deathcake? Who knows? But we’re going to find out! Here are your Week Five Power Rankings!

(The number that precedes the team name is their previous ranking)

1) (1) CHAE DYNASTY (4-1) The Chaes retained their top spot by winning three duels over Warrior Force. Jenny is having a great season, staying undefeated after her Iron Fist win. Kenny also came out on top, and Morgan got an admirable substitute victory over Andu. The Bye week is coming up for the Chaes.

2) (3) REAL RHYDIN (3-1) A big win over Team Fist puts Real RhyDin at second in our rankings. Tahlia gets another huge Iron Fist victory, this time against former Kiowa Belt winner, Darik. Jewell and Eden contribute victories as well. Week Six sees them facing unlikely powerhouse Great of Strength in what is probably the matchup of the week.

3) (4) GREAT OF STRENGTH (3-1) Rebounding from a hard loss against Chae Dynasty, Great of Strength squeak out another victory against Deathcake. Bile takes the Iron Fist, and a clutch performance in the Anchor by Melanie puts them in the win column again. That victory puts them in the driver’s seat for a playoff appearance. We’ll see if their luck will continue against a strong Real RhyDin team.

4) (2) TEAM FIST (2-2) Team Fist drops three of four individual duels to Real RhyDin. Only Blondie came up with a win against Hope in the Push. With two weeks to go, Team Fist still has a chance at the playoffs, but they’re going to need a win against Team Dirty coming up, seeing as how they’ll be against Chae Dynasty in the final week.

5) (5) DEATHCAKE (2-3) Deathcake falls to Great of Strength by a point in a battle that had playoff implications. Canaan and Sal both got wins, but they unfortunately came up short. Still, with Team Fist’s loss, they might have a shot. A win against Warrior Force next week in their final matchup of the season would help their case.

6) (6) TEAM DIRTY (1-3) Bye week for Team Dirty. Dizzy killed bugs good. Kruger did his pose for random people on the street. I bet Cooper’s workout routine was a bear. Ha! I kill me.

7) (7) WARRIOR FORCE (0-4) Another tough break for Warrior Force this week as they lost to the powerful Chae Dynasty. Rachael got a Crutch match win against Duci. Deathcake is on the horizon, we’ll see if Tex can take a shot at MVP when he squares off against Canaan in the Push match.

TEAMS ON THE RISE: Real RhyDin (2 from 3) Great of Strength (3 from 4)

OVERALL: Tons of important matches are coming up in Week Six. Great of Strength vs. Real RhyDin is the most obvious, but the other teams will be fighting for their playoff lives. Team Fist vs. Team Dirty will be significant for both teams as well. The final weeks are here, so keep watching and supporting your favorite teams and duelers!


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