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IFL returns, honoring the traditions originally founded by Chairman Kiowa and his search to find the best of the best.

Who among you will find a spot in the Chairman's Garden?

"Victory is reserved for those who are willing to pay its price." - Sun Tzu
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Breaking It Down: 2015 Award Winners
Harris D'Artainian - 20 Jan 2016 12:00:00 EST

Team Fist finally wrangles themselves an IFL championship while this year's Kiowa Belt went to ERP's Jenny Chae! The ballots have been counted from the twelve total participants in this year's voting, so let's take a closer look at our award winners by breaking it all down!

Regular Season MVP

#5 Darik Warchild (Team Fist) [7 Points: One 2nd Place Vote, Five 3rd Place Votes]

The 2014 Kiowa Belt Winner didn't disappoint this season and was a critical part of Team Fist's success, which is why he ties for fifth in this year's voting. Though being the league's highest ranked fighter on arguably the best team on paper means it was much more difficult for him to exceed already high expectations.

#5 Terry King (Dirty: Black) [7 Points: Two 2nd Place Votes, Three 3rd Place Votes]

The only contender for ROTY to garner votes for MVP as well, King also earns the fifth place position. She was the top performer on her team and picked up Black's only wins in the Iron Fist match which proved vitally important and allowed them to garner a spot in the playoffs.

#3 Salvador Delahada (Deathcake) [8 Points: One 1st Place Vote, Two 2nd Place Votes, One 3rd Place Vote]

Deathcake's Captain trumped his other team members in the voting and takes third place on the ballots. It's likely his achievements were overshadowed by the total contributions of everyone on the squad helping propel Deathcake to a perfect season, rather than a singular individual standing out above the others.

#2 Hope (Dirty: Pink) [18 Points: Two 1st Place Votes, Five 2nd Place Votes, Two 3rd Place Votes]

With 5 wins this season Hope was a serious contender for MVP, though unfortunately this year's winner surpassed her in virtually every other statistic. However she eclipsed the others that shared her 6.00 PDPB and finishes 2nd place in the MVP race to match her 2nd place finish on the leaderboard. One voter stated, "I voted for Hope first over Xanth because she managed to go 5-0, which hasn't been done since Maria Graziano in the debut season of IFL. Pink likely would have been far worse off if it weren't for Hope".

#1 Xanth Van Bokkelen (Chemical Burn) [32 Points: Nine 1st Place Votes, Two 2nd Place Votes, One 3rd Place Vote]

Xanth's perfect record and 8.00 PDPB was more than enough to convince the voters this year that he's most deserving of the MVP award. Superior statistically to his competition, one voter was impressed by all his accomplishments this year and stated, "Exceptional PDPB, undefeated, hardest schedule, most Iron Fist wins, and a shutout? Team Xanth meant business this year and deserves MVP". Congratulations to Xanth, your 2015 Iron Fists League Regular Season Most Valuable Player!

Rookie Of The Year

#3 Sabine Gabrielle (Deathcake) [1 Vote]

Sabine's outstanding season helped push Deathcake to a perfect record and a first round bye, as she shone brightly in the lower tier fights. The voter for Sabine stated, "Just because her wins mostly came in lower matches, these wins are still incredibly vital to the team and a successful season. Without a reliable person like Sabine winning in these lower matches, DCK may not have had an impressive of a season".

#2 Rekah (Deathcake) [3 Votes]

Rekah takes 2nd place in the ROTY race on the back of a fantastic year that included a five round shutout and 4.00 PDPB. Rekah's voter thought "She turned out to be Deathcake's secret weapon," which is hard to disagree with in retrospect.

#1 Terry King (Dirty: Black) [8 Votes]

It's surprising to none that with King's extensive Outback experience she cut through the league in her rookie season while pulling double duty as Captain. Finishing ahead of her other rookie competition in virtually every major category was enough for her to garner the lion's share of votes. A voter that chose her thought, "King won the bigger matches and her team was almost entirely reliant on her for their success". Congratulations to King, your 2015 Iron Fists League Rookie Of The Year!

Captain Of The Year

Salvador Delahada (Deathcake)

Pundits prior to the start of the 2015 season had Deathcake pegged as a middle of the pack team, with all the focus on the projected race to the top between Team Fist & Dirty: Pink. Sal took his first year team the distance by defeating every other squad in the league and posting a history making undefeated regular season record of 7-0. Sal's daring strategy of using each of his fighters in the Iron Fist match paid dividends, as the team didn't lose the 10-point bout once during the regular season and also had the largest margin of victory this year with their 37-11 win over Royal Rabble in Week 5. To boot, Sal managed these feats with four rookie fighters in his group while managing a spotless 4-0 record himself to end up tied for 2nd on the leaderboard with a 6.00 PDPB. Congratulations to Salvador, your 2015 Iron Fists League Captain Of The Year!

Playoff MVP

Matthew Algiers Simon (Team Fist)

It's likely the 2015 season will be the last time Team Fist's Captain is referred to as "Captain Futility" in the media, as Team Fist Nation earned the championship this year thanks to his clutch performance in the finals. Matt stared down the barrel of a winner take all Iron Fist match against an undefeated Terry King, who was on a six match win streak with four of those in the 10-point bout. His 5-3 triumph in the most important postseason match for his team propelled them to victory and his 5-4 Anchor win against Trip Wire in the second round helped get them to the championship match in the first place. Congratulations to Matt, your 2015 Iron Fists League Playoff Most Valuable Player!

Breaking It Down: 2015 MVP & ROTY Nominees
Harris D'Artainian - 1 Jan 2016 12:00:00 EST

Everyone's favorite barbarian may have possibly been devoured by a dinosaur, but fear not, yours truly will be handling this year's awards including Most Valuable Player & Rookie Of The Year, voted on by the captains and assistant captains as well as myself. Plus I'll crown a Playoff MVP and Captain Of The Year, all of which will be announced and awarded at the annual Powerhouse Party Tournament on January 20th! With more undefeated fighters this year than in any other season there are plenty of noteworthy choices. Let's break it down already!

Note: Strength of Schedule points are determined by the following algorithm: (Opponents' Combined, Rounded Winning Percentage against other fighters) + (2 * Number of MVP Candidate's Iron Fist/Push Matches) + (Number of MVP Candidate's Crutch/Anchor Matches)

Regular Season MVP Watch

The candidates for this year's MVP are based on the top eight brawlers on the leaderboard that are projected to make the cut off for Powerhouse next season. As always they're listed in order of PDPB from top to bottom, with additional insights and opinions on their performance. Records and strength of schedule only take into consideration the regular season.

Xanth Van Bokkelen (4-0, 8.00 PDPB, 4 Iron Fist wins)

[Strength of Schedule Ranking: <1st> 81pts - Opponents this season have gone a combined 8-3 against other fighters this season.]

Xanth proved himself to not just be the standout fighter on Chemical Burn but in the entire league by leading his team to victory every week he was in. He fought in nothing but Iron Fist matches this year and easily deserves the most recognition for CHM's breakout first season and 3rd place finish.

Pros: Not only does Xanth have the highest PDPB this year he's also the only duelist with 4 Iron Fist wins, a feat not completed since the extended nine week 2007 season. If that's not enough his strength of schedule is clearly the strongest out of his MVP competition. He also has a shutout to his name this season in week three against Shae.

Cons: There aren't any to be seen. Xanth is undefeated, has the best strength of schedule, all Iron Fist matches, a shutout, and the second highest single season PDPB in the history of the league.

Darik Warchild (4-0, 6.00 PDPB, 1 Iron Fist win, 2 Push wins, 1 Crutch win)

[Strength of Schedule Ranking: <4th> 64pts - Opponents this season have gone a combined 8-6 against other fighters this season.]

Last year's Kiowa Belt Winner had a flawless season and helped propel Team Fist into 2nd place and a first round bye. He was an effective part of TMF's one-two punch with fellow undefeated fighter and MVP candidate Fang Hoi Mei.

Pros: Out of the fighters he's tied with in PDPB Darik has the best strength of schedule. Team Fist holds a 3-1 record when Darik is slotted, and with all the talent on that team it's impressive that he ended up at the top of the heap.

Cons: There isn't much else that makes him unique statistically in comparison to the other candidates that share his PDPB. While he had a solid season, with six other undefeated fighters in the mix he's missing a distinctive accolade or accomplishment to separate him from the competition.

Hope (5-0, 6.00 PDPB, 2 Iron Fist wins, 3 Push wins)

[Strength of Schedule Ranking: <7th> 48pts - Opponents this season have gone a combined 6-10 against other fighters this season.]

For the second year in a row Hope shines as Dirty's top fighter and is the only candidate up for MVP consideration that also finished in the top eight last season. She was heavily responsible for Pink's early season success, winning both her Iron Fist matches and a Push in the first four weeks when her team went 4-0.

Pros: Along with being undefeated Hope is the only fighter to tally five wins this season, putting her ahead of everyone in the pack in that regard. In addition she only fought in high value matches, never once seeing a Crutch or Anchor bout throughout the year. She also has the rare distinction of back-to-back Powerhouse seasons.

Cons: Only her strength of schedule is weak, finishing second from the bottom.

Salvador Delahada (4-0, 6.00 PDPB, 1 Iron Fist win, 1 Push win, 1 Crutch win, 1 Anchor win)

[Strength of Schedule Ranking: <8th> 28pts - Opponents this season have gone a combined 2-7 against other fighters this season.]

Deathcake's captain lead his team to a perfect 7-0 season as well as leading them on the leaderboard, finishing in 2nd place alongside the above mentioned Hope and Darik Warchild. His most impressive victory was a 5-1 drubbing of Thorn in the Iron Fist match back in week 2 to get his season started.

Pros: Sal's the top performer on the top team in the league, going undefeated while his squad goes undefeated as a group.

Cons: He has the worst strength of schedule, having won more duels individually than all four of the opponents he faced this year won collectively.

Terry King (4-0, 5.75 PDPB, 2 Iron Fist wins, 1 Push win, 1 Crutch win)

[Strength of Schedule Ranking: <2nd> 71pts - Opponents this season have gone a combined 9-5 against other fighters this season.]

In predictable fashion King is the top rookie this year, winning all her matches and managing to squeeze her team into the playoffs in their first year. They wouldn't have have made it if it hadn't been for her double sudden death overtime victory against Cooper Gallows in week 3.

Pros: She's the highest placing rookie fighter and her two Iron Fist wins were the only two her team managed to win. The only fighter with a more difficult schedule this year was #1 performer Xanth Van Bokkelen.

Cons: Two times this year she needed overtime to secure a victory, which is more than any of the other fighters on this list.

Fang Hoi Mei (4-0, 5.00 PDPB, 1 Iron Fist win, 1 Push win, 1 Crutch win, 1 Anchor win)

[Strength of Schedule Ranking: <6th> 50pts - Opponents this season have gone a combined 4-5 against other fighters this season.]

The second of Team Fist's brawlers on this list Hoi Mei was as effective a contributor as Darik, with only a point separating their PDPBs. This season puts her lifetime record up to 12-4 and she heads into the playoffs for the third time in three years.

Pros: A key element in Team Fist's success, each of the four weeks she was in TMF won, and she proved versatile enough to win in every match type.

Cons: Her stats are nearly identical to Sal's, though his PDPB is higher. She's also very similar to her teammate Darik where her season was stellar, but when measured against several other undefeated fighters she doesn't have much to offer in comparison.

Sabine Gabrielle (4-0, 4.75 PDPB, 1 Iron Fist win, 1 Crutch win, 2 Anchor wins)

[Strength of Schedule Ranking: <3rd> 69pts - Opponents this season have gone a combined 7-4 against other fighters this season.]

Another rookie fighter, Sabine likely didn't come into the season with the weight of expectation on her back, which allowed her to breeze through and under the radar. She was still a major part of Deathcake's perfect season though.

Pros: Her strength of schedule is at the top end and higher than her teammate Sal's. Finishing 7th on the leaderboard with a perfect record on an undefeated team in her first season of IFL is nothing to shake a stick at.

Cons: She has the lowest PDPB of all the undefeated fighters this year and only one win in either the Push or Iron Fist column.

Rekah (3-1, 4.00 PDPB, 1 Iron Fist wins, 1 Crutch win, 1 Anchor win, 1 Push loss)

[Strength of Schedule Ranking: <5th> 53pts - Opponents this season have gone a combined 6-7 against other fighters this season.]

Rekah rounds out not just the three rookies on this list but the three representatives from Deathcake in the MVP hunt. She surprised everyone with an outstanding season that consisted of a perfect shutout against Levi Clark in week 5 that pushed her right up into the top eight.

Pros: She's the only fighter here to earn a perfect shutout. Her victory over Claire Caelum in the week 7 Iron Fist match was the tiebreaker that allowed Deathcake to complete their perfect season with a 24+-24 win. It's also noteworthy that she's the only brawler on the list that started the year at Trainee, while her other competitors ranged from Flyweight to Kiowa Belt at the start of 2015.

Cons: Unfortunately for Rekah she's the only one with a loss on her record and is likely overshadowed by her undefeated teammates Sabine & Sal.

Rookie Of The Year Watch

While there certainly was an inordinate amount of rookie fighters this year, three have stood out in the pack to fight their way to Powerhouse in their first season. They're also in the running for MVP above! Will someone take home both this year? Let's take a look before voting commences!

Terry King (4-0, 5.75 PDPB, 2 Iron Fist wins, 1 Push win, 1 Crutch win)

[Strength of Schedule Ranking: <1st> 71pts - Opponents this season have gone a combined 9-5 against other fighters this season.]

Compared to the other rookies up for this award King had the most difficult schedule, though not by much. She also has the highest PDPB and finished first among her team.

Sabine Gabrielle (4-0, 4.75 PDPB, 1 Iron Fist win, 1 Crutch win, 2 Anchor wins)

[Strength of Schedule Ranking: <2nd> 69pts - Opponents this season have gone a combined 7-4 against other fighters this season.]

Undefeated much like King and with a very similar strength of schedule Sabine's only drawback is she dueled in more lower tier matches than King, which is where the 1.00 disparity in their PDPB comes from.

Rekah (3-1, 4.00 PDPB, 1 Iron Fist win, 1 Crutch win, 1 Anchor win, 1 Push loss)

[Strength of Schedule Ranking: <3rd> 53pts - Opponents this season have gone a combined 6-7 against other fighters this season.]

Rekah's sole blemish is a 5-4 Push loss to Dizzy Flores in week one. Even so, she has an impressive perfect shutout to help her offset that defeat.

Breaking down the Finals!
Ayperi Durrishahwar via IFL News Network - 13 Jan 2016 12:00:00 EST

In this week's highly anticipated Finals between rookie squad Dirty Black (6th) and Team Fist (2nd), we're looking at a rematch of Week 7 where Team Fist Nation celebrated a 29-18 victory over DRB. In that match, TMF won the Iron Fist (Matt vs. Jojo, 5-4), the Push (Lena vs. Grace, 5-3) and Crutch (Darik vs. Bob, 5-4) bouts while DRB took the Anchor (Koy vs. Niha, 2-5). Of the TMF bout wins, both the Iron Fist and Crutch went to Sudden Death meaning the overall match could easily have swung in DRB's favour.

In the Finals, none of the matchups are a repeat pairing from this or previous seasons. So without further ado, let's take a look at the bout-by-bout breakdowns!


Kheldar Drasinia (HV) vs. Grace Frigg (HV)

2015 Season Record: Kheldar: 1-2; -1.00 PDPB / Grace: 2-3; -2.40 PDPB

Rank: Draw. Both duelers are HeavyWeights.

Experience Factor: Kheldar Drasinia. Kheldar's fought in 35 career IFL bouts, including a 3-1 record in playoff bouts (2 IF, 1 Push & 1 Crutch) -- the only loss coming to Jake Thrash in the Season 3 Finals. Grace, with 19 career bouts (1 playoff Crutch overtime loss) has plenty of experience on her side, but she's not quite on the same level as Kheldar.

Intimidation Factor: Kheldar Drasinia. Kheldar sports a 17-12 regular season record with a 1.07 PDPB. 24 of his lifetime bouts are evenly split between Iron Fist and Push bouts so he's used to fighting under pressure...this will only be the 3rd Anchor bout of his career (1-1 lifetime, with a shutout loss to Rena Cronin back in the Beta season). Grace has fought in 3 Anchor bouts to date (1-2 record, with all 3 bouts ending in a 5-4 score).

Historical Factor: Draw. Kheldar sat out the TMF vs. DRB match and while Grace lost her bout in that match, there's not enough background to sway this category firmly to one side or the other.

Overall: Kheldar Drasinia. While this could easily become a trap duel for TMF, Kheldar knows as well as anyone how important each lower-bout point can be, especially in a tight-knit match. I don't think he'll run away with this bout, but he should notch a win.

Final Score Prediction: 5-3 Kheldar


Lena Choi (PO) vs. Bob (HV)

2015 Season Record: Lena: 3-1; 2.00 PDPB / Bob: 2-3; -1.80 PDPB

Rank: The edge goes to Lena (PowerHouse) over Bob (HeavyWeight).

Experience Factor: Lena Choi. This will be Lena's 19th IFL bout, her 5th playoff bout (2-2 record, with three of the four bouts ending in a 5-4 score) and the third time she's fought the Crutch bout in the playoffs. For Bob, this will be his 10th career bout and only his 2nd playoff bout (4-5 Iron Fist loss to Kruger in Season 4). This bout is only Bob's third in the Crutch while Lena's fought in the slot five prior times.

Intimidation Factor: Lena Choi. Lena's riding a 3-bout win streak, her longest after beginning her IFL career with four straight wins. Bob's strung together two-bout win streaks twice in his career but is currently embedded in a career-worst 3-bout loss streak. It should be noted, though, that two of those losses were 5-4 scores. Lena's 1.57 career regular season PDPB trumps Bob's -0.50.

Overall: Lena Choi. The positive thing for Bob and DRB is Lena's 2-3 career record in Crutch bouts. While Lena should win this bout, it's by no means a lock...out of Bob's five career losses, four of them were by a single point (5-4) and three of those losses came from 4-4 Sudden Death scenarios. Still, Lena has the overall match edge.

Final Score Prediction: 5-4 Lena


Darik Warchild (KBW) vs. Blondie Eastwood (HV)

2015 Season Record: Darik: 4-0; 6.00 PDPB / Blondie: 2-2; -1.50 PDPB

Rank: Darik's the Kiowa Belt Winner. Can't top that!

Experience Factor: Draw. Darik has fought 31 career bouts while Blondie's entered the ring 19 times. Darik's 3-3 lifetime in Push bouts while Blondie's 5-3. Darik has a championship to his name (Season 2 with BAD) but did not fight in the playoffs at all that season. Surprisingly, Blondie has more playoff experience than his opponent with 5 prior playoff bouts to his name (3-2 overall) compared to Darik with four prior playoff bouts (2-2 overall).

Intimidation Factor: Including the Season 4 Powerhouse Party, Darik's riding an 11-bout win streak which just might be a league record. Prior, his longest streak was 3 (twice). Blondie's had a four-bout win streak and multiple two bout streaks. Both duelers enter this bout having won their prior fight.

Overall: Darik Warchild. Since leaving TMF, Blondie's only fought against them once (5-0 perfect shutout over Gren Blockman to begin Season 4) but revenge will have to take a back seat to careful strategy if he's going to notch this win. Darik might be long overdue for a loss but winning 11 bouts in a row and holding the league's top rank speaks for itself.

Final Score Prediction: This one should end with a 5-4 score. Who'll have that all important fifth point is a fifty-fifty gambit in my book. I'll go with Darik but I won't be shocked at all if Blondie takes this one.

Iron Fist

Matthew Algiers Simon (PO) vs. Terry King (MI)

2015 Season Record: Matt: 3-2; 1.60 PDPB / Terry: 4-0; 5.75 PDPB

Rank: Matt Simon (PowerHouse) over Terry (FlyWeight).

Experience Factor: Matt Simon. Since this is Terry's first IFL season, she's entering her 7th career bout while Matt's coming into his 34th.

Intimidation Factor: Draw. Terry has yet to lose in the regular season or the playoffs and this is already her 5th Iron Fist bout. She won her first career duel by a 5-1 margin and though two of her wins came in overtime (Week 3, 6-5 win over Cooper Gallows in 12 rounds & Week 5, 7-6 over Dizzy Flores in 16 rounds), Terry's proven she can win in the clutch.

Matt Simon or, as some in the media have dubbed him, Captain Futility, has a six-streak of his own. His, though, comes in the loss column to go along with another 4-bout loss streak. He's currently riding a 4-bout win streak, a feat accomplished only one other time in his career, and he's never won five bouts in a row. Despite a much longer career, this is only Matt's 5th time fighting an Iron Fist bout. An important note -- though he rarely frequents the top slot, Matt's yet to lose in the Iron Fist and has a perfect shutout (vs. Maria Graziano in the Season 2 playoff semi-finals) and a 5-1 victory to go along with two other 5-4 results.

Overall: Draw. There's something to be said for going through a season undefeated and there's nothing to suggest Terry King's going to stop now. The main question is whether Matt can shed the Captain Futility label either with a bout win or, more importantly, the overall team win. I believe the pressure of Team Fist Nation will weigh too heavily upon the shoulders of TMF's star-crossed captain allowing Terry to ride roughshod all over him in this bout.

Final Score Prediction: 5-2 Terry.

Captain's Lineup Decisions

With Hoi Mei having broken her arm in her semi-final bout with Anubis Karos, TMF can't make use of the powerful one-two Hoi-Mei/Darik Warchild combo (8-0 regular season, 2-0 playoffs). Koyliak (1-4, -2.40) and Gren (1-2, -2.33) sitting out isn't too much of a surprise and it's likely Terry didn't have to think too hard at all about who'd slot into TMF's Finals lineup. Terry had fewer TMF lineup possibilities to consider than did Matt and thus held the potential for greater control. Though she couldn't know for certain where Matt would slot his fighters, she could reasonably play the odds to her advantage.

While the Blondie-Darik Push bout may be the deciding factor in the overall match, Matt throwing himself into the Iron Fist bout instead of Darik was a bit surprising. Chances are if Hoi Mei were healthy, Matt would have taken the Crutch or Anchor. Instead, he's (for better or worse) put the team, and potentially the whole matchup, on his shoulders.

From DRB's perspective, Terry King putting herself and her undefeated record into the Iron Fist is no surprise. Benching Niha (2-1, 1.67 PDPB and the only DRB team member besides Terry with a positive PDPB), for Grace might prove a mistake, but only if DRB loses by an extremely close margin.


Though TMF is poised to win this matchup, one or two stray points might just swing things in DRB's favour. Though her team's a 6th seed coming into the playoff, Terry's squad can't be taken lightly and they've got a great chance to take home a championship in their inaugural season. Though the matchup most everyone wanted to see (Darik vs. King with undefeated records on the line) isn't happening, we've still got 4 prime-time bouts remaining in the season and I'm excited to see how they play out!

Predicted Match Score (if Darik wins): 26-21 TMF
Predicted Match Score (if Blondie wins): 26-21 DRB

IFL 2015 Week Seven Power Rankings
Jack Smith - 16 Dec 2015 12:00:00 EST

The 2015 regular season is over, and Deathcake makes history by going 7-0! Team Fist rebounds from a midseason slump to take a first round bye. Dirty: Pink's woes continue, is that a bad sign now that the playoffs are here? We'll soon find out, but first, here are your final Power Rankings!

(The number that precedes the team name is their previous ranking)

1) (1) DEATHCAKE (7-0) Deathcake ends the season with a perfect 7-0 record after squeaking by Dirty: Pink by the narrowest of margins. Rekah's big upset in the Iron Fist over Claire was the deciding factor, while Sabine finishes 4-0 with a win over Zack. Deathcake looks near invicible heading into the playoffs, and they'll sit out the first round.

2) (3) TEAM FIST (5-2) Team Fist earns a first round bye after defeating Dirty: Black. Lena and Darik gave Matt some support with victories in the Push and Crutch, respectively. Having tallied three wins in a row and a second place finish, Matt has to like his chances going into the playoffs. The bye means they can rest up until the second round, and possibly a Finals showdown with the imposing Deathcake.

3) (2) DIRTY: PINK (4-3) Pink suffers their third loss in a row after narrowly losing to Deathcake. Hope wins the last duel of the regular season, and should be an MVP candidate with a 5-0 record. Vincent helped with a Crutch win as well. Even though they didn't get the first round bye, Pink is still a formidable team. They'll face their sister team, Dirty: Black, in the first round.

4) (4) CHEMICAL BURN (5-2) Chemical Burn finish strong with a win over Royal Pain. This is the first time Bile and company have won a regular season matchup in Hydra or IFL without Xanth on the card. That's a good sign now that the playoffs are here. A third seed finish is impressive for Bile's team, and their next opponent will be Team Lazerricks.

5) (5) DIRTY: BLACK (2-5) Although Black falls to Team Fist, they still secure a playoff spot due to their high number of individual duel wins. Niha's victory allows them to take the fifth seed, and they will square off against their other half, Dirty: Pink. Considering Pink has been shaky these last three weeks, Black might have an opportunity here to steal a first round playoff victory.

6) (7) TEAM LAZERRICKS (2-5) The Lazerricks make the playoffs with a 3 duels to 1 win over their rival, Royal Rabble. Jenny had a big triumph over Eva in the Iron Fist, while Duci and Nigel backed her up with victories of their own. Due to losing to Dirty: Black earlier in the season, it means they'll take the sixth seed. Corlanthis should be proud that his first year team will enter the postseason.

7) (6) ROYAL RABBLE (2-5) No repeat of the Hydra Foils moxie this time, as Royal Rabble falls to the Lazerricks and miss the playoffs. Bailey's win over Cooper in the Push was the lone bright spot this week. This year should provide some valuable experience for Eva's young team. Eva should take a page from the Rock Hards and come back next year prepared to fight.

8) (8) ROYAL PAIN (1-6) Royal Pain doesn't fare any better than their sister team, Royal Rabble does. A final loss to Chemical Burn ends their playoff hopes. Dizzy and Jewell earned wins, but ultimately the team lost by three points. Even though this season was a setback, if Jewell can retain her core duelers like Rena and Dizzy, they should be ready to compete again next year.

TEAMS ON THE RISE: Team Fist (2 from 3), Team Lazerricks (6 from 7)

OVERALL: Seven weeks of intense IFL action have led to this! Can Deathcake continue their rampage and win the Championship? Or does Matt have Team Fist in the perfect position to snatch it away? Pink and Chemical Burn still have something to say about that. The playoffs are here, but before then, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from your old pal, Jack Smith!


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