Registration Now Open!

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Registration Now Open!

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Attention fighters of Rhydin,

We here at the Iron Fists League are getting ready to launch our new and improved second season! Registration for new and returning teams will be open for the next four weeks. The deadline to complete registration is May 21, 2007.

What you will need to register:
1. Team Name.
2. Roster of at least 5 fighters, 8 maximum.
NOTE: Each fighter must be a registered user in the Iron Fists Forum and must provide their Character Name, the Rings of Honor Username for their character, and an AIM Screenname within their user profile. When registering your team, simply provide the IFL username for each fighter.
3. Name of captain, and name of assistant captain or team manager if applicable.
4. Team Logo: a 150x150 pixel graphic.

((Please email your registrations to:

Please note:
It is not mandatory that you provide a team logo by the deadline; however the sooner we receive a logo, the sooner we can remove the default IFL logo from your team pages.

You may reserve a spot for your team by supplying at least a roster of four fighters. The fighters do not need to be registered yet in the IFL Forum to reserve your spot. This allows us to better anticipate how many teams will be participating this season. However, all required information must be provided by the deadline, with the exception of a team logo as mentioned above.

Important rule changes:
((IMPORTANT: The Iron Fists Garden chat room will be found in the Rings of Honor chat for the duration of the 2007 season. Please thank the RoH staff for sponsoring it!))

For all you new fighters: If you are ranked as a Trainee, you will be eligible for the Flyweight rank with just your first official win.

You can find all other rule changes for this season in the IFL Forum.

Our goal for this season is 12 teams. The season is tentatively scheduled to start on May 28th. Help us to make this IFL season a competitive one!

See you at the Garden,

Kiowa Sani
Iron Fists League

IFL is a proud sponser of the Iron Fists Academy: Making Rhydin’s Children Iron Strong.

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