Powerhouse Party

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Powerhouse Party

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The Iron Fists League has officially entered the postseason, and that means the league office has begun preparations for this year's Powerhouse Party. Invitations for the Powerhouse Party Tournament have been sent out by courier to the following parties based on this season's performances:

1. Jake Thrash - BAD
2. Lilly Hyde - BAD
3. Napoleon Bonarat - BAD
4. Random McChanse - BAD
5. Rakeesh Sah Tarna - COM
6. Aenlyn Hollow - COM
7. Kelten Tarkenstone - COM
8. Koyliak VanDuran-Simon - TMF
9. Gaius Cassius Maximus - KFT
10. Uriko Belarus - KFT
11. Dude Sumpinrudder - GUM
12. Chris Graziano - WRC
13. Sebastian GoldRaven - GOS
14. Dizzy Flores - SHE
15. Jewell Ravenlock - RSB
16. Darren Drazen - SOD

The Powerhouse Party Tournament is a 16-fighter, single elimination tournament; seeding is determined by the team standing at the end of the regular season, with fighters on the same team seeded by overall PDPB. The winner will hold the Kiowa Belt for the duration of the 2008 season.

The Powerhouse Party and Tournament will begin at 9pm ((eastern time)) on Wednesday, September 5th. If for some reason the playoffs have been delayed and may not be completed by this date, then the tournament (and the party) will be pushed back to the following Wednesday, September 12th. Should the tournament be rescheduled to September 12th, the league will release an official announcement no later than Wednesday, August 29th.

We will need standby fighters to fill all 16 spots should any invitees be unable to attend. Priority for standby fighters will be given based on regular season performance. So, even if you were not invited, you may still be able to participate.

And, of course, everyone is invited to the party, even if you will not be participating in the tournament, as this is our celebration of a successful 2007 season. Food and refreshments will be on us!

Kiowa Sani
Iron Fists Chairman

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