Iron Fist Garden (Finishing Touches)

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Iron Fist Garden (Finishing Touches)

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Chairman Kiowa surveys his new arena along the outside perimeter. The fingers of both hands are interwoven; the faces of his thumbs rub together. He pushes aside small heaps of building scraps--broken boards, bent nails, broken boards with bent nails, twisted steel beams--with a posh boot. A neat path marks his wake.

It is a magnificent lot, he thinks, magnificent. Riverside, in the heart of downtown. Such a rare thing to find available. It is a perfect strip of land to place the arena. The arena is open-air, rectangular by design to host many simultaneous bouts. The rings are set up in a line, flanked by seating. Seats are assigned based on who you want to see fight. Yes, he thinks, it is a brilliant design.

The construction is almost complete aside from some interior detailing; now comes the curious task of landscaping. The Chairman has brought two large statues with him. He instructs his students to set up the statues on either side of the building's main entrance. He does this by pointing a finger.

"There," he says. "Mm, no. There. Yes, now turn." The statues are of two heated rivals. Each is a famous Iron Fist where the Chairman is from. The Chairman wants them facing each other.

One statue is of Pontu. Pontu was strong in endurance. When the Chairman first began his sport, the format was different. Each team started with a fighter. When that fighter gave up five points, he was replaced by the next fighter, and so on, until one team was out of fighters. There was one championship match where Pontu started for his team. He never left the ring.

This format did not hold forever, of course. As many teams held their best fighters for last, fans did not get to see the matchups they desired. Or, if they did, one fighter was already too fatigued too put up much of a fight. This created disappointment for many, including the Chairman. So the format was changed.

The other statue is Mr. Jon. Mr. Jon arrived shortly after the new format was implemented, and he thrived. His record in five-point bouts was unmatched. He did not fight anything else. Five consecutive championships his team won, and in those matches Mr. Jon won the five-point bouts in convincing fashion.

Pontu and Mr. Jon met three times in the old league's history. Mr. Jon won the first two. The third was when Mr. Jon was fighting for his team's sixth consecutive championship; Pontu dominated him. Pontu retired from fighting later that same evening.

The Chairman wishes to remember these two fantastic fighters as he starts a new league. His nephew is there to observe.

"We will need," the Chairman says, "more statues of great fighters to surround our new stage."

"Of whom will the statues be?" the Chairman's nephew replies.

"Of future Iron Fists, of course. It will be the perfect compliment to my ... Garden of Iron Fists." The Chairman's voice shifts to the bombastic as he says the words.

"Your Iron Fist Garden?"

"My Iron ... Fist ... Garden!" As if the very words are floating there in front of him, the Chairman flashes his palm into the air as if to touch them. Yes, he thinks, it is a brilliant name.

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