Beginnings of a rivalry

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Beginnings of a rivalry

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The screen starts off black before the Badside Brawlers logo appears on the screen accompanied by the crunching sounds of knuckles colliding with bone. The Club KO logo is next, followed by someone getting the wind kicked from their lungs. Rousing heavy metal noise erupts to life soon after.

An announcers voice plays over the music as still-shots taken from the week prior are displayed. These being of Kelathe taking the last kick from Anjolie Quinn. Next up is Random and Koy exchanging blows, then Jaycy leaping over Darik's final effort at a legsweep. Last is Vanion sending Tarl sprawling to the ground by taking out his legs.

"The Brawlers and Club were both riding high after taking down two of the toughest teams IFL had to offer."

Insert the second wave of images. Lothar was snapping out a jab which Ria absorbed with a block. A couple images of the Chris vs Dioxane brawl passed by the screen all of them involving trading hard shot after shot. The next one showed the two big men on the teams, Cory and Kheldar duking it out. Progress showing Cory wrangling Kheldar to the ground. Finally came a textbook image of a jumpkick executed by The First over Ticallion's kick.

"These two teams were the next to clash! Who would come out on top?! If you weren't at the Garden Wednesday July 26, you missed a rumble for the record books!"

Here's where live action video highlights took over and the metal music picked up intensity. First on the lineup was Anchor, Kaylin taking on Cory. If anything, the sight of Cory tossing around the poor bearded lady dwarf was comical. Next came the Crutch, Anjolie set up against Xerzes. No one liked watching a more attractive female get beat up, but that was the case. Xerzes landed quick combos to walk away the winner. Relief bout was next, Anubis paired with The First. After early dominance The First lost momentum when Anubis nailed him with a flying kick. Then a veteran conversion put Anubis in position to slug it out for a win. Last showed was the Iron Fist, Vanion squared off with Ruke. The two swapped jarring shot after shot. The camera broke away to a fan holding a "SUDDEN DEATH!!!" posterboard sign after Ruke swept Vanion off his feet. In the next scene Vanion had a hold of Ruke's arm and was sending him across the ring.

"It all came down to a sudden death Iron Fist match! With a final score of 22 points for each team The Badside Brawlers walked away victorious. The Club left with a bad taste in their mouth. We expect the next meeting between these two teams to be just as intense! Don't miss it!"

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